Committee on Education studies of the Polish Academy of Sciences

Committee on Education studies is an autonomous collegial body representing pedagogy and education researchers associeted in the Polish Academy of Sciences. established in 1953. Its members are elected in secret ballot among members of the Academy and senior academic stuff members.

Our activities include:

  • analyzing and evaluating the progress of the field of education studies
  • analyzing and evaluating educational systems
  • organizing sessions, semminars, conferences and popularizing academic research in the field of education
  • confronting education studies problems and dillemas
  • initiating and developing partnership and collaboration with international academic institutions
  • auditing, evaluating and advising academic institutions in the field of education
  • publishing academic expertises
  • organizing workshops and courses for the aims of education systems and education studies
  • analyzing the results of education policies proposed and implemented by lawmakers and government authorities
  • Researching and promoting new concepts and solutions for education, especially in the field of teachers training.

Committee’s experts advise Polish Ministry of Education on planning and implementing systemic reforms. We publish academic journals: Yearly Journal of Education, Education Studies. Since 1997 commitee organizes annual Young Educators Summer Schools.

Committee’s former Presidents: prof. Bogdan Suchodolski (1953-1973), prof. Wincenty Okoń (1974-1984), prof. Heliodor Muszyński (1984-1993), prof. Tadeusz Lewowicki (1993-2007), prof. Stefan M. Kwiatkowski (2007-2010), prof. Bogusław Śliwerski (2011-present).